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Theatre and Royal Cinema

The Royal Spa Centre Leamington is owned and run by Warwick District Council and consists in fact of four different venues, the main one being the Royal Spa Centre itself, a purpose built theatre on Newbold Terrace which was opened in 1972. It acts as both a theatre space and a cinema, offering art house and rather more unusual films than you would ever see in a mainstream cinema. As a theatre space, it has various plays and productions through the year as well as playing host to stand-up comedians and at Christmas a fabulous pantomime.

Panto and Movies

The cinema is held in the studio theatre which only has 188 seats – not a disadvantage but a positively good thing. For shows which are designed to attract and appeal to a more intimate audience or for films which are not mainstream, there is nothing worse than rattling around in a great big half empty auditorium, but under 200 seats are just the right number and the audience can interact both with the performers and with each other. The bigger space seats 664 and most locals as well as audiences from further afield would agree that you haven’t been to a panto until you have joined the other 663 people shouting ‘He’s behind you’ at the Royal Spa Centre, Leamington.

Theatre, Exhibitions, Meetings and Conferences

The other spaces which make up the Royal Spa Centre’s suite are smaller and can be used for rehearsals, small gatherings or talks to an invited audience. The Royal Spa Centre itself is home to Teatro, the theatre school for adults and they occasionally put on plays in the Town Hall as well as the Centre. The Glasshouse Studio in the Jephson Gardens is an exciting newer venue which is ideal for presentations or for meetings; it comfortably holds up to 35 people and is an excellent place for exhibitions, as the light is so good. If your meeting or presentation is for a really small number, the South Lodge only holds 15 people, but is one of the most attractive venues you could possibly imagine. It was one of the lodges for the Jephson Gardens when they were first opened at the height of Leamington’s popularity in the early nineteenth century and absolutely screams Regency charm.

All in one venue...

The Royal Spa Centre is a real addition to the cultural life of Leamington. There are not many places where you can learn, watch films, enjoy plays and presentations and let your hair down at a pantomime all within one venue. The two purpose built and two ‘recycled’ parts of the Royal Spa Centre Leamington all work together to make an excellent resource for the whole community and they are easy to access should you want to book them for your exhibition, play, talk or class. Being council funded the Spa Centre is absolutely dedicated to bringing the very best in entertainment and education within the area and beyond. No matter what your taste in entertainment, you are bound to find something to enjoy at the Spa Centre.

The Royal Spa Centre, Leamington. Newbold Terrace Leamington Spa CV32 4HN

More information: http://www.warwickdc.gov.uk/WDC/RoyalSpaCentre/

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