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Leamington Cinemas - Apollo and Royal Spa Centre
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Films for all tastes...

Like many towns and cities across the country, Leamington Spa once had many more cinemas than it does now, but even with just two remaining – the Apollo and the Royal Spa Centre – there are still films on every night to suit all tastes. The Apollo Cinema shows all the very latest releases and is slightly unusual in that seats can be booked in advance; a facility to all cinemas across the Apollo chain.

More than just movies...

For anyone who prefers to sample other kinds of performing arts than film, there is an excellent opportunity to watch ballet, opera and theatre streamed from live performances on the big screen at the Apollo. There are not always Apollo Arts presentations being shown, so you will need to keep an eye on the website and local press, but it really brings a new dimension to Leamington Cinema to be able to watch really high class performances in this rather unusual setting. If you also like rather more art house films, the Royal Spa Centre has a cinema option, which does not show mainstream cinema. Again, watch the press and the website to see what the latest offering is – your favourite film of all time could be next!

Multi-Screen and special offers

The Apollo offers the very best in Leamington Cinema, with a huge choice of screens. There are also the usual Apollo offers, of course, with Apollo Savers on Tuesdays. Apollo cinemas also participate in the 'Orange Wednesday' scheme, so anyone on an Orange mobile phone tariff can buy one get one free on tickets for any showing. There is likely to be a premium to be paid on 3D films, but even so, it is a great deal and it makes a trip to the cinema a nice cheap treat for you and a friend.

The Regal Cinema, Leaminton Spa

Before the Apollo and 3D and all the newest innovations were even dreamed of, the Regal Cinema in Leamington was considered to be state of the art. It was one of the biggest in the area, seating almost a thousand people and – although it had to be virtually demolished and rebuilt to make it safe in 1969 – it was considered to definitely outshine the other cinemas in the town and even in Coventry and Warwick. It is quite amusing to read now that it was considered very modern because it had smoking seats in a block separated by an aisle from the rest of the audience. Most people couldn’t even contemplate watching a film with a smoker in the cinema and it certainly must have been strange watching any film through a haze of smoke.

3D and classics...

Cinema-going has become much more popular again in recent years, possibly because of the advent of 3D and other new ideas; the Apollo keeps well up to date with all the new technology whereas the Spa Centre is more suited to those who enjoy an old classic or an independent film. The cinemas like the Regal sold ice creams and popcorn but most cinemas now have bars but if not they at least have more flavours of ice cream than anyone at the Regal could have dreamed of!

Leamington Cinema: Apollo Portland Place Leamington Spa CV32 5ET
Royal Spa Cinema: The Royal Spa Centre, Leamington. Newbold Terrace Leamington Spa CV32 4HN

More information (Apollo) : http://www.apollocinemas.com/films-showing-leamington-spa.aspx
More information (Royal) : http://www.warwickdc.gov.uk/WDC/RoyalSpaCentre/

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