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Royal Pump Room and Baths
Royal Pump Room and Baths "The Royal Pump Room and Baths of Leamington Spa are one of the most famous and most visited attractions in the town..."
Regent Court Shopping
Regent Court Shopping "Regent Court shopping centre. Conveniently located right in the heart of Leamington Spa, Regent Court is home to plenty of high quality and exclusive stores..."
Jephson Memorial
Jephson Memorial "...it is fitting that there is a memorial in honour of the man who did so much to promote this attraction..."
Town Hall
Town Hall "...this grand building is situated in the heart of the town and is guarded by an equally impressive statue of Queen Victoria.."
Regent Hotel Travelodge
Regent Hotel Travelodge "...an excellent location for anyone visiting the town to take advantage of its excellent shopping..."


The Spa, Leamington

Royal Spa Centre and Cinema

Leamington Cinema - Apollo and Royal Spa Centre

The Assembly



Welcome to VRLeamington - your virtual reality tour of the Warwickshire spa town.

Royal Leamington Spa is one of the most popular towns in the Midlands and easily reached from the rest of England. If you are visiting for a day trip or weekend away, be sure to take our Virtual Reality Leamington tour to enjoy 360° panoramic photos of attractions in the town.

Pump Room and Baths

Royal Pump Room and Baths

Certainly one of the most likely tourist attractions you will visit during your time in Leamington Spa is the Royal Pump Room and Baths. Not only is this a fabulous attraction on its own but the Pump Room has also been renovated to include a Tourist Information Centre, museum and other facilities. Whilst visiting this attraction you must also take time to enjoy Jephson Gardens; another of the most important and popular sights of Leamington Spa.

River Leam

The River Leam separates the town into two halves and is also a very attractive part of Leamington Spa to visit. Very close to the river you will find the Temperate House and Restaurant, and there are also a number of beautiful memorials within the park, such as the clock tower.

Shopping and more in Leamington

Regents Court Shopping

In the town proper, there are plenty of opportunities to go shopping and the Regent Court Shopping Centre is one of the highlights for those looking for retail therapy. There are also plenty of delightful restaurants and cafes sprinkled throughout the town, with many of the best located on Parade and near to the Town Hall. Speaking of the Town Hall, there is a great deal of fine architecture and historical buildings to visit in Leamington Spa such as Napoleon III's House and the All Saints Church.

Shopping in Leamington

Gardens and Spa

It is certainly a good idea to spend more than a single day in Leamington Spa, to allow you to make the most of all of the cultural and natural attractions on offer. Right next to the beautiful Jephson Gardens is the Royal Spa Centre and Cinema. Perhaps if you are spending a few nights in the town, you could enjoy a beautiful dinner in one of the many restaurants, followed by a play or movie.

However long you spend here, and whatever you do, you're sure to have a wonderful time in this attractive and characterful town.